What’s Your Dream Salary?

Does our educational system need an overhaul? For generations, we’ve been told to go to school get a degree, and that great job will be waiting on you. Is that realistic? Does that still apply today?

Is it time we change our mindset when it comes to education and take a different approach?

I think so.

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In a perfect world, we could do what we love and make a comfortable living doing so. We’d be able to have a healthy work/social life balance that allowed us to do what we love, and still spend quality time with those we loved as well.

While that is still true for some, not everyone is so lucky. Quite a few of us are working long hours, just to pay the bills. They may enjoy what they do, but it doesn’t pay as well as they’d like (or require).

What Do You Want to Do? 

A common question we are often asked: “what do you want to do?” When asked that question, we will have several things we may want to be:

  • Teacher
  • Attorney
  • Work with kids
  • etc.

While many of these career choices are admirable or fulfilling, there may be one problem: they don’t pay much.

In other words, a person could find a job they like, but the pay is less than desired.

This is where the change in mindset comes into play.

A New Approach

One way to do that is to ask yourself one very important question FIRST: instead of asking yourself what you want to DO, ask yourself how much money you want to MAKE.

Asking this question FIRST can be life-changing and the key to success and financial independence.

The logic here is simple:

  1. Determine how much money you’d like to make
  2. List of the professions where you could make that amount

After making the list, the idea is to gravitate towards the professions that interest you and learn more about them.

This type of thinking may not be the most popular, but it is something to consider: No matter what you choose to do, you will still have bills to pay. We still have to eat, keep a roof over our heads, and raise a family. All these things will take money.

By using this approach, we may shy away from degrees and courses that may have little benefit for us long term. Not only can a person do something they like, they can get paid the salary they’d like as well.

By changing our mindset, a person could be one step closer to reaching their career (and  financial) goals.

So ask yourself: how much money do you want to make, and what professions can help you get there? The answers may surprise you.

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