Should We Stop Eating Meat?

There have been many conversations lately about whether we should or shouldn’t eat meat. Quite a few people believe we are not supposed to eat meat. They say humans aren’t designed to eat it because our bodies can’t digest it properly. Others believe meat isn’t good for us and makes us sick.

I believe both are untrue.

I was recently involved in a conversation with a person who was a vegan. She was much happier being vegan, and said she never felt better. She had lost a lot of weight since giving up up meat, and talked  enthusiastically about her garden, saying she could live off the food growing in her back yard.

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Her healthy eating habits and weight loss should be commended. We all should strive to be the best we can be, and get in the best shape possible. I believe healthy eating is the key to good health, but I think there was one thing wrong with her conclusions.

She vowed to never eat meat again, and talked about expanding her garden to include more foods.

There are many people who think like her, but there’s more to the story.

For example, during the winter season, you can’t grow strawberries, tomatoes or lettuce. It’s too cold.

We live in a society where food is readily available. Even if its out of season, it can still be purchased at the neighborhood grocery store because it’s shipped in from thousands of miles away. It makes healthy eating easier, but it also gives us a false sense of security.


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Native Americans ate buffalo all winter. Eskimos eat whale blubber. Based on logic of today, some people would starve, because they refuse to eat meat. Also, they did NOT suffer the ailments we see today from eating meat.

People have been eating meat for CENTURIES, but they did not have the health issues we see today. This very important fact often gets overlooked.

Gorillas and Polar Bears

Gorillas are another interesting topic of conversation. Many people point out how gorillas are very big and very strong, but don’t eat meat.

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Yes, it’s true, gorillas don’t eat meat, but there’s one big factor that most people leave out of the equation:

Gorillas live in a warm climate that’s rich in LUSH vegetation. In other words, they don’t HAVE to eat meat.

But, what if gorillas lived in a cold climate like polar bears? What would they eat then?

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Of course this is purely hypothetical, but if they didn’t freeze to death, they’d probably adapt and eat the same things polar bears eat, which is fish and other meat.

Either that or starve…

It’s not the meat that’s making us sick, it’s what we do to it BEFORE it reaches our plates. For example, cows are supposed to eat grass, but they are fed other harmful products instead.

Instead of grass, we feed them grains, we pump them up with steroids, they consume pesticides and add preservatives. All of these things are harmful to the cow, and they are passed on to us when we eat them.

Benefit of Grass Fed Beef

When compared to cows fed grains, cows that are grass-fed have many health benefits:

  • Less monounsaturated fat than grain fed beef
  • More omega 3 fatty acids than grain fed beef
  • Double the amount of Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than grain fed varieties

Ironically, many of the things approved by the FDA that is done to meat are BANNED in other countries.

For example, Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) are preservatives that prevent oxygen mixing with oils from food. This is done to prevent foods from spoiling.

Another banned substance in other countries is rBGH or rBST hormones. Created by Monsanto, this growth hormone increases a cow’s milk production. It also increases their probability of getting udder infections, for which they are given antibiotics. Europe, France, Canada, Israel, Australia, Japan and New Zealand all ban these hormones.

Then, to make things worse we deep fry our meat in harmful vegetable oils.

This is why meat is making us sick.

It’s easy to simply say “don’t eat meat,” but it’s critical you take a step back and analyze the entire situation. There’s always more to the story.

Avoid grain fed and eat free range, meat (and fish) instead. Your body will thank you.

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