My New Book: Planting Seeds

I just received the physical copies of my latest book: “Planting Seeds: The Children’s Guide to Entrepreneurship.” It looks great!

Our kids learn many things in school, but one thing they are NOT taught at the elementary level is entrepreneurship and starting a business.

Ask them if they have been taught about passive income, multiple streams of income, or entrepreneurship. If not, you need to get this book for them.

Our schools can only do so much. How can we expect our teachers to tell their students how to start a business if they have never done it themselves? Yes, we want our kids to know about these things, but we have to be realistic: the best people to teach about business are those who are doing it themselves, the actual entrepreneurs, not paid employees.

Let’s plant those seeds! Expose them to ideas and concepts at an early age that will benefit them in the future. We MUST let our kids know they have options in life. They can do ANYTHING, and that includes starting their own business!

Download a FREE copy of the ebook HERE.

Want a physical copy? Purchase the paperback HERE:

Planting Seeds:: The Children’s Guide to Entrepreneurship

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