Need Hand Sanitizer? Try Essential Oils

Washing our hands is extremely important because germs can be spread to the hands by sneezing, coughing, or rubbing the eyes. Then, those same germs can be transferred to others by touch. Did you know the common cold and eye infections are often transmitted via the hands?
The trend is to use hand sanitizers to clean the hands, but hand sanitizers aren’t as safe as we are led to believe.  For example:

Some hand sanitizers have an ingredient called triclosan or triclocarban. The U.S. FDA says there is NOT enough science to show that OTC antibacterial soaps are better at killing germs and preventing illness better than plain soap and water.1 

Here are a few things people may not have known about triclosan:

Bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics, thanks to triclosan. It can also kill the good bacteria the body uses to fight the bad bacteria. The result is a person could possibly INCREASE their risk of getting sick by using this product.

A study conducted by the Epidemic Intelligence Service at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control discovered that health care workers who used hand sanitizers primarily instead of soap and water for routine hand washing were six times more likely to be afflicted with the norovirus. This is a virus that causes the most cases of acute gastroenteritis.2

Another issue with hand sanitizers is that the triclosan could have an impact on hormones in the body. Studies on animals showed it could change the way hormones work in the body over time.

Then there’s the problem with scented hand sanitizers. Did you know companies are NOT required to tell us what these ingredients are that make hand sanitizers smell good?  Many artificial fragrances contain phthalates (pronounced FALATES.) These are endocrine disrupters the mimic our hormones. Studies indicate they may alter genital development.

In other words, if you use hand sanitizers, don’t use them exclusively. There’s nothing like good old soap and water. With water, the germs are rinsed off your hands. But don’t use those hand air dryers either. Those are bad too because they blow germs right back onto your hands.

Here’s more info about the dangers of hand air dryers:

The Power of Essential Oils
The following essential oils have powerful antibacterial properties:

Here are some great home made hand sanitizer recipes:

Hand Sanitizer Recipe # 1

Hand Sanitizer Recipe # 2

Mix ingredients and store in a reusable silicon tube. You can also experiment and create your own. Try any of the above essential oils. Click on the links to purchase yours and get started!

Like more than one? Click HERE to purchase a packaged assortment of essential oils.

Consider ditching the store bought hand sanitizers and make your own. Your body will thank you!

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