Attention Parents: Plant Those Seeds!

Kids do what their parents do. That means if you go to a job you don’t like, or are just working to pay the bills, chances are they will do the same when they become adults.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to provide our kids with opportunities we didn’t have, or expose them to things that will benefit them. One such thing is Entrepreneurship.

Far too many of us are working at jobs just to pay the bills. Is that what we want for our kids also?

When your kids come home from school, ask them if they learned anything about creating passive income, creating multiple streams of income, or how to start a business. Most schools do NOT teach classes on entrepreneurship or how to own your own business. Isn’t this something they should at least be aware of? Should they know being an entrepreneur is a viable option?

Let’s show them they can DO the hiring, not just GET hired. Let them know they can decide how much money they want to make, and not rely on someone to give them a raise once a year.

Let’s plant those seeds! Pick up a copy of Planting Seeds: The Children’s Guide to Entrepreneurship today! Also available in French!


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