Keys To Success: Helping Others Succeed

When it comes to achieving goals, many of us automatically think about ourselves:

“How can I achieve my goals?”

“What can do to become the best version of me?”

This is a perfectly normal way of thinking because setting and achieving goals is a personal endeavor. No one can become successful for you! However, there’s another aspect of fitness that’s worth mentioning, and that is motivating others to reach their goals.

Here’s a great quote from Brian Tracy: “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’”

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By helping others, not only do you help them, but you help yourself. Here are a few benefits of helping others reach their goals:

Helping others makes us happy. One of the greatest feelings we can experience is the look of happiness and appreciation on someone’s face when we help them. Assisting others in need just feels good.

Motivating others motivates us. By encouraging others to reach their fitness goals, it motivates us to follow our own advice and reach ours as well.

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A sense of purpose. Being a mentor or giving advice to someone who values your opinion and fitness expertise is a great way to have a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Helps keep things in perspective. We are our own worst critics. By helping someone who isn’t as fit or healthy as yourself, we begin to appreciate what we do have and our own fitness prowess.

This is the time of year when people really need support. Offer a kind word, tell someone they’re doing great, or offer to provide assistance if they need it. Help someone today and you help yourself at the same time!

Helping others is just one characteristic of successful people. There are many others, as well as distinct traits that unsuccessful have as well:

Success and achieving goals doesn’t just happen. If you want be successful, you must have a plan of action, and that plan should include helping others. The more you help others, the closer you will be to reaching your goals.

Remember: there’s no law saying we ALL can’t be successful!

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