Success Has No Time Limit

Being fit or fitness doesn’t just mean being fit physically, it also means being strong mentally as well. Just like there are things that can sabotage our physical fitness, there are things that can compromise our mental fitness as well. And one thing that can sabotage us is thinking success is impossible, or we’re so down on our luck that there’s no way we can succeed.

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With that said, I want to leave you with this: “Rock bottom has built way more champions than privilege.”

Chris Gardner is the star of the movie Pursuit of Happiness. He worked as an intern at a brokerage firm that paid no money. What makes his story amazing is he was homeless while working as an intern AND he was raising his 5 year old son at the same time. They slept in homeless shelters, on trains and even in public bathrooms for an ENTIRE YEAR before he got his big break. Chris eventually opened his own brokerage firm and became a multi-millionaire.

Read his inspirational story here:

Steve Harvey is best known as a host on Family Feud, having a radio show, and a daytime talk show. What many don’t know is when he was first starting out as a stand-up comic, he was homeless as well and lived in his car for THREE YEARS. Think about that. Living in your car for three years? How’s THAT for rock bottom?

Then there’s Sylvester Stallone: He was expelled from 14 schools, went on thousands of auditions and couldn’t get work, got evicted from his apartment and slept in bus stations for weeks, and with only $100.00 to his name at age 30, he finally got his big break with the Rocky story.

There are many, many other stories of people hitting rock bottom, but they eventually picked themselves up and achieved tremendous success. I’m sure people told them to give up or quit, but they had it in their minds that nothing was going to stop them, and they didn’t care how long it took!

Too many of us have unrealistic expectations on when we will achieve success. Or, we think making mistakes or failing means it wasn’t meant to be. In both instances this is incorrect. Success has no time limit, and making mistakes is a critical part of becoming successful:

So, if you’re at rock bottom, fear not! Keep working hard! Times may be tough but they will get better! Next time you feel sorry for yourself, imagine living in your car for 3 years like Steve Harvey, sleeping on trains and public bathrooms with your 5 year old son for an entire year like Chris Gardner, or going on thousands of auditions like Sylvester Stallone and getting nowhere. You may be at rock bottom now, but I can promise you that in time, you will get up!  If they can make it, you can too!

Success doesn’t just happen. You need more than motivational quotes and memes. You need a plan of action.

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