Coronavirus Blues: A Valuable Learning Lesson

Thanks to the Quarantine, many people around the WORLD are unable to work and make money because their jobs told them to stay home. Kids are being kept home from school as well.

What will people do? Play video games? Watch television?

Meanwhile, many adults are home, nervously watching the stock market, and wondering how they will pay their bills.

The coronavirus has exposed two important things about our society:

  1. People must learn how short selling works in the stock market;
  2. Creating multiple streams and passive streams of income are key to surviving these days.

These things are NOT taught in school, but we must be proactive and learn about them ourselves.

This is an EXCELLENT opportunity to teach both adults AND kids about the option of starting their own businesses and creating multiple streams of PASSIVE income. For the average person, if they don’t work, they don’t get paid. It’s time to learn there’s another way, such as not relying on one job to pay all our bills, and it’s possible to make money while we sleep…

This is the perfect time to teach our kids life lessons our schools don’t teach. It’s a great time to learn, TOGETHER.

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Pick up a copy of my books Planting Seeds: The Children’s Guide to Entrepreneurship, and Invest For Success: Millionaire Wealth Strategies Not Taught in School.

The average millionaire has SEVEN streams of income. Why rely on one job to pay all your expenses?

Let’s make this difficult time in our history a learning opportunity.

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