Covid-19: The Aftermath and Lessons Learned

What happens AFTER you receive your stimulus check?

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach them HOW to fish and they eat for a lifetime…”


While many are happy to receive a stimulus check, there are a few things to ponder:

  • What happens AFTER that stimulus money is spent?
  • Will things get back to normal, or will we need another check?
  • Do we wait on someone to give us a job?
  • How long do we wait for help?
  • What if that help never comes?
  • Why do we have to wait on someone to do anything for us?

In other words, that stimulus check may help in the short term, but it’s possible this pandemic could last several more months. If that happens, will we be prepared to handle it?

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.

We are living in unprecedented times. NO ONE saw this coming. However, with this uncertainty, we must quickly adjust to this new (hopefully temporary) normal. A change in mindset may be in order.

of waiting for another check from the government, why not learn to make your own money? Instead of waiting on jobs to return,, why not create your own? This is ESPECIALLY true for college grads of 2020. You are now entering the worst job market in since the Great Depression of the 1920’s. Millions of people are filing for unemployment at the same time.

It’s time to learn how to create passive income and multiple streams of income.

Instead of waiting on one check, why not learn how money works and create multiple ways to generate revenue? Today, the average person has one job, and relies on that one job’s paycheck to pay all their bills:

  • Rent
  • GasPlanting Seeds IG_FB
  • Food
  • Childcare
  • Insurance
  • Cellphone
  • etc.

When a person has multiple streams of income, if one form of income is disrupted, others can pick up the slack. This is especially important during times like these.

I challenge everyone reading this to start thinking outside the box. While many will think this solely applies to employees, it also applies to business owners who only have one stream of income for their business. For example, a person may own a fitness center or hair salon, but if these businesses are deemed “nonessential,” it will be closed indefinitely.

The more you rely on others to take care of you financially, the less power and control you have. The sooner a person learns how to create multiple streams of income, the better.

The Power of Passive Income

In addition to creating multiple streams of income, creating passive income is essential. This allows a person to make money while they sleep. This is even more important during times like this. As the entire world is on lock down, many forms of passive income are still generating revenue.

For more information on passive income, click HERE.

No one can predict the future. In other words, we could have another pandemic at any time. Will you be ready? The time to start preparing is NOW. This is done by learning about business and how to generate wealth.

It’s critical we learn from this devastating experience. Many lives have been lost, businesses destroyed and careers ruined. As painful as this situation has been, we must learn to protect ourselves in case it happens again.

Many of life’s important lessons are NOT taught in school. It’s critical we become proactive and learn everything we can. Check out my books on investing, business and entrepreneurship. The more we learn, the better prepared we will be.

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