NEW RELEASE: Planting Seeds (Spanish Edition)

Hola amigos! I’m happy to announce that my book Planting Seeds: The Childrens Guide to Entrepreneurship is now available in FULLY TRANSLATED español!

The English and French versions are already on sale.

Each Kindle version is only 0.99. Why so cheap? The answer is simple:
ALL KIDS should be familiar with these #business concepts, and know they have more options than just going to #school and getting a job.

This information is NOT taught in school, but should be readily accessible to all. Thanks to Covid-19, we can clearly see no job is safe anymore. It’s up to us to prepare our kids for the challenges they will face later in life.

Even if they choose not to take this path, that’s ok: at least they know about it and can make their own decisions.
Download your copy today, or pick up the paperback for just $9.99!


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