Making A Living as A Writer: Change Your Mindset

The first step in making money as a writer is having the right mindset. First off, you must BELIEVE its possible to make a living as a writer. Next, you must view your books as ASSETS.


Most people think of real estate, gold, and stock as assets, but those aren’t the only types of assets. You can create your own assets.

Writing is a business. In most businesses, a product is created and sold to the public. The product must be of high quality and be considered valuable by the consumer.

That same thought process and description can be applied to your books. Why can’t your readers see your books as being valuable or high quality?


People love to be entertained, and will pay good money for things that take their minds off their problems or make them feel good.

Why can’t people feel this way about your books?

The books you write can be tremendous revenue generating assets for DECADES. The first step is to change your mindset and BELIEVE…

Take pride in writing and that passion will be transferred to your books and felt by the reader. Give them an amazing product they can’t get enough of.

Quality AND Quality

The more quality books you have, the more books you can sell. This is the key to generating revenue as an author.

For example, investors in real estate buy multiple properties. Those who purchase stocks by hundreds and thousands of shares.

Popular actors don’t have just one movie or tv show in their resume, they have many movies under their belt. Same for recording artists.

Car manufactures don’t sell one car, they offer a variety: sports cars, SUVs, hybrid models, etc.

Writers must have the same philosophy. Create multiple assets/books of high quality to attract a variety of readers. Over time, this will increase your ability to generate revenue.

In addition, having several books allows you to create a fan base of loyal readers who could buy multiple books from you.

The covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. This is an excellent opportunity for writers to think outside the box and discover ways to make multiple sources of passive income.

Don’t rely on just book sales to make money. Use every tool available to you as a writer!

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