Part 6: How To Make A Living as a Writer: The Power of Audio Books.

More than ever, people are looking for ways to make money. This is especially true for authors and writers. Did you know AUDIOBOOKS are an excellent way to reach new readers? Here are some great tips on the benefits of audiobooks and how to create them:

Audiobooks have exploded in popularity over the years. One potential reason is due to people having busier schedules and less time to sit and read a book. Audiobooks can be listened to while driving, while working out, etc. By offering a variety of reading options for your books, you potentially reach a wider audience and increase sales.

By keeping an open mind and recognizing the opportunities, you’re one step closer to making a living as a writer!

This is the 6th installment in the series on how to make a living as a writer. Get more great tips in my book From Passion to Profit: How to Make a Living as a Writer. Available on Amazon.

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