Avoid the Distractions: Do These 3 Things

As the Covid-19 rages on, there is a lot of controversy on how it’s being handled:

Some people want schools and businesses to reopen, others want them to stay closed. Which is plan is the right plan? On one hand, staying home might decrease the risk of spreading the virus. On the other hand, if people stay home, businesses will suffer, which will devastate the economy. Children should be in school, but how safe is it for them to be in a classroom? The debate will rage on.

Some people are for wearing masks, others are against it. There have been physical altercations between people who believe in wearing masks, and those who are opposed. Workers are caught in the crossfire, having to deal with those who become irate when told to wear a mask at private businesses.

Many people are patiently waiting for a vaccine, while others are vehemently against it. There’s no guarantee people will take the vaccine, nor is there a guarantee the vaccine will work. Will people have to take the vaccine every year like they do the flu shot? If that’s the case, does that mean Covid will be around for forever like the flu?

There are many unanswered questions that may or may not get answered. While people discuss Covid and what we should do, the key is to be proactive. Here are three things we all must start doing immediately:

As the world changes, we must be fluid and ready to change along with it. In the animal kingdom, animals that don’t adapt to the changing environment go extinct. Now is the time to pay attention to current events and understand what’s going on around you. The better prepared you are, the better your chances of getting through these troubling times unscathed.

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