Attention Shopaholics! Don’t Buy That, Buy This Instead!

How many of us like to buy “stuff?” Who wonders where all their money goes at the end of the month? Do you get frustrated that you can’t save money? Who has a hard time turning down a good sale?

Photo Of Red Paper Bag With Sale Text and Balloons On Background
Who doesn’t like a good sale?

We’ve all been there. Who at one point in their collected one of the following:

  • comic books
  • magazines
  • toy cars
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • sneakers
  • stuffed animals/dolls
  • shoes/sneakers
  • purses
  • baseball caps
  • video games
  • music/cd’s/records
  • etc.

Collecting “stuff is fun, but there is a downside: overt time, many of these things start to lose value. Eventually, we get tired of our collection and either throw it away, or give it away. Rarely do these items stay in good condition or increase in value.

If this has happened to you, and you still like to buy or collect things, this is an excellent reason to start collecting items that can retain their value. There are many items that don’t lose value when you purchase them. Examples include the following:

  • Expensive handbags
  • Fine art
  • Ferrari’s
  • Rolex watches

While some of these items are out of the average person’s budget, two items that nearly everyone can afford are gold and silver!

Why Gold and Silver?

If you start buying gold and silver, you will never ask yourself “where did my money go??” Not only will you still have your money, but you can have fun adding to your collection. Here are some cool looking silver coins:

Not only does gold and silver look good, it’s a great way to “spend” your money. In actuality, you’re not really spending it, you’re finding a great way to invest your money. Not to mention you’re guaranteed to NEVER have this collection thrown away by your mother!

There are more important reasons to collect gold and silver today: the value of the dollar is decreasing, and the economy may be on shaky ground. The federal deficit is over $25 TRILLION dollars, and the FED just increased the debt ceiling. Bonds yields are low, which means they may not keep up with inflation, which is sure to increase. This means the price of goods and services may begin to rise, making everything more expensive.

Gold and silver aren’t mainstream news, but countries and central banks are buying gold by the ton. In the 2nd quarter of2021, the following countries increased their gold reserves

Largest increases

  • Thailand: 90.20 Tonnes
  • Brazil: 53.75 Tonnes
  • Turkey: 8.67 Tonnes
  • India: 8.40 Tonnes
  • Qatar: 3.12 Tonnes

In addition, China has increased their gold reserves as well:

Chinese customs data show that since February 2020, the country has on average imported gold worth around $600 million a month, or roughly 10 tons. In 2019 its imports stood at about $3.5 billion a month, or roughly 75 tons.

Read the full story HERE.

Ask yourself: why are these countries buying TONS of gold, but this isn’t reported in mainstream news? What do they know the average person doesn’t?

See the source image
Why is China buying so much gold?

Many consider gold and silver undervalued when compared to other investments such as the stock market, real estate and cryptocurrencies. This may be the best time to buy gold.

Call To Action

If you like to spend money, this is a great time to spend it on items that are not only great to look at, but could be quite valuable over time. As the purchasing power of the dollar decreases, gold and silver tend to hold their value. Start researching gold and silver. Pick up a few silver coins and a few fractional pieces of gold. Your wallet will thank you! See a vast collection of precious metals to purchase HERE.

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