The Simplest Way To Build Wealth Over Time

Here’s an easy way to build wealth over time: Each time you buy something like shoes, a television, clothes, car, or a new phone, buy yourself a gold or silver coin. Not only will those shoes and new shirt you bought lose value, you probably won’t have them in a couple years anyway. But not only will you still have that silver coin, it will retain its value, and may be worth MORE…

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This a perfect example of the Law of Accumulation. It states:” financial security and success come from making lots of small efforts and sacrifices, most of which, no one will ever see or appreciate.

Think of al the things you may have collected over time. It didn’t happen overnight. It’s the same with collecting gold and silver. Just buy them little by little and store them in a safe place. In time, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you have collected.

This is a simple tip that’s not taught in school. You can also buy a few coins here and there when you receive extra money, such as from a tax refund. Many use a similar method with their paychecks from their jobs: each check a small amount is deducted and placed in their 401k. This is dollar cost averaging, but it can be used here as well.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. It’s critical we learn about the various ways to accumulate wealth.

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