Day One of My 5 Day water Fast: Completed!

Who’s into fasting? I intermittent fast daily, and do extended fasts twice per year. Yesterday I started a 5 day water fast. So far so good!

As an athlete, personal trainer and triathlete for over 30 years, I did it all: I took supplements, ate 5-6 times per day, drank energy drinks, etc. After trying various diet regimens, I can honestly say fasting has been the best of them all FOR ME.

I do not feel eating 5-6 times a day is the key to good health, actually, its just the opposite. I’ve been fasting for nearly 5 years now, and thoroughly enjoy it. Here’s a video I made a couple years ago on the power of autophagy:

Check back for more updates as I will chronicle my fasting journey!

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