Should Kids Be Taught Business and Entrepreneurship in School?

Many of life’s most important lessons are not taught in school. One such lesson is business and entrepreneurship. At an early age, most students are told to get good grades, and if they do, they increase their chances of landing a good job. While that is sound advice, that is not the only advice, or

Are You A Luddite? It’s Time to PIVOT!

Do you know what a “luddite” is? A luddite is a person who in the 19th century, destroyed factories and their equipment because they felt they were taking away jobs. According to a description in Wikipedia, the term has come to mean “one opposed to industrialisation, automation, computerisation, or new technologies in general.” That sounds

“Are You Taking Any Meds?”

What do YOU consider medication? Did you know there are two types of medication? There are two types of medicine: modern medicine and traditional medicine: Modern meds focuses on treating the disease or injury. This often includes the medications they’d get from the doctor or drugstore: aspirin pain relievers antacids heart meds insulin antidepressants sleep

Good Times, Great Memories

Facebook brought up one of my best memories today: The day I won an award for Best Self Help Book! The Three Pillars of Strength: Increasing Your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Fitness was the first book I had ever written, and I’m EXTREMELY proud of the hard work I put into it. I wrote that