Success: Is It Really Attainable?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel jealous or anxious when you see others achieve goals?
  • Do you think people achieved success due to advantages you don’t have?
  • Have you ever felt that someone else becoming successful prevented you from reaching your goals?

To be honest, I have felt each of these at least once in my life. In actuality, this type of thinking can hinder you from achieving the goals you want. It took me several years, but I finally realized their success has ZERO influence on me achieving success for myself.

Here’s something else I have learned: THERE IS NO LAW SAYING WE ALL CAN’T BE SUCCESSFUL. Think about it:

Twitter is successful in spite of Facebook. So is Tik Tok. And Snapchat. What if the creators of Snapchat never tried because they thought their chances of success were slim because of the other social media platforms?

Tesla is becoming a major force in the auto industry, in spite of Ford, Chevy and Toyota.

Why should you and your dreams be put on the back burner because others are achieving success? In reality, them being successful can give you reason to believe that you can too…

The key is to believe in yourself and work on YOUR goals…

Success doesn’t just happen, and it’s NOT reliant or determined by someone else’s successes. Unfortunately, school doesn’t teach us how to be successful. Don’t let some ONE or some THING prevent you from achieve the success you desire. The key is to change your mindset and become receptive to the success you crave. Get more tips in my books on success:

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