Can’t Focus? Improve Concentration With This One Simple Exercise

Do you have trouble concentrating? Are you easily distracted and have difficulty focusing?

We are bombarded with external stimuli, and they are taking a toll on our ability to ability to concentrate for extended periods of time.

One of the best timgs we can do is turn off our cell phones, but another thing we can do is try exercises that require concentration, such as this balancing exercise:

In order to balance, we must focus on what we are doing so we don’t fall. This can be a great way to train the mind to stay in the moment and get things done. Doing this daily can train the mind to focus on important tasks as they arise.

We live in a society where medication from the doctor or over the counter is often the first option. This is a mistake. many times, the answer can be found via other healthier (and many times, cheaper) options.

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