Are You A Luddite? It’s Time to PIVOT!

Do you know what a “luddite” is? A luddite is a person who in the 19th century, destroyed factories and their equipment because they felt they were taking away jobs. According to a description in Wikipedia, the term has come to mean “one opposed to industrialisation, automation, computerisation, or new technologies in general.”

That sounds eerily familiar to the anger and resentment people feel towards automation today.

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The world as we know it is rapidly changing. Are you changing with it, or are you getting left behind? Artificial intelligence, automation, and even our monetary system are all changing, no matter how hard we try to fight it or pretend it’s not coming. It’s time to PIVOT! We MUST stay abreast of the current market conditions and adjust accordingly. if we want to be successful going forward, we must be proactive.

A perfect example of this is Blockbuster Video. They had a chance to but Netflix for $50 million dollars, but turned it down: they were happy with the direction of their company, and didn’t think that niche market would do well.

Another example is Kodak, who created digital imaging, but chose not to explore its potential upside.

In other words, either adjust with the times or be left behind…

Don’t be a luddite! Thanks to the pandemic, our economy is in a tailspin. Yes, the stock market is at record highs, but how long before it comes crashing down? This is the time to really pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Many people have lost their jobs, and many industries may be gone forever. It’s critical we begin to look into creating multiple streams of income. We can’t count on anyone to help us, so we must learn how to help ourselves.

Change your mindset, and you can change your life. If Warren Buffett can start buying gold mining stocks, when for years he criticized gold, you know something is going on. Don’t be on the outside looking in. We are on the verge of changes that haven’t been seen for decades. Pick up a copy of my book Invest For Success: Millionaire Wealth Strategies Not Taught in School. Available on Amazon.

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