Should Kids Be Taught Business and Entrepreneurship in School?

Many of life’s most important lessons are not taught in school. One such lesson is business and entrepreneurship. At an early age, most students are told to get good grades, and if they do, they increase their chances of landing a good job.

While that is sound advice, that is not the only advice, or the best advice for all students:

  • What if kids aren’t very good in school?
  • What if they can’t afford to go to college?
  • What if they don’t like school?

In other words, school may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Learning a trade like plumbing or becoming an auto mechanic are good options. Joining the military is another option available for those not wanting to go to college.

This is where owning business comes into play. At the very least, kids should be told about the option of starting their own business. They should be taught various words, such as passive income, multiple streams of income, assets, and monetize.

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The longer people go without knowing these options, the harder it may be for them to learn them, or see owning a business as a viable option.

In other words, schools teach the employee mindset, which is much different than an entrepreneur mindset. Employees are taught to expect that paycheck every 2 weeks and have a set schedule. Entrepreneurs understand their pay can fluctuate, and the time spent working could could be much longer than 40 hours a week.

This very mindset can deter people from trying to start their own business: they can’t fathom working and not getting a paycheck. In addition, people with an employee mindset might tell those who want to start a business how its not a good idea, and to just go get a job with steady pay and vacation days instead…

We are in the middle of a pandemic. Many people have been laid off and waiting on another stimulus check. What if people were taught how to generate multiple streams of income? What if they were comfortable from a young age with NOT working for a paycheck? What if they know they can create a job instead of hoping someone gives them one?

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

It is for these reasons I wrote my book Planting Seeds: The Children’s Guide to Entrepreneurship. This simple, easy to read book is a great way to introduce kids to starting a business and being their own boss. The world is changing, but our educational system is not changing with it. if the schools won’t teach these important topics and concepts, we must do it ourselves.

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