Will You Take the Coronavirus Vaccine?

We are now in the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Cities all over the world are shutting down AGAIN, and people are urged not to travel during the holidays. Meanwhile, there is talk of a potential vaccine in the near future.

How do you feel about the vaccine and the virus? Do you plan on taking the vaccine when its available? As many people around the world anxiously await the Covid vaccine, I’m one of the few who don’t plan on taking it.

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Personally, I believe the key to good health is to focus on strengthening the immune system, not relying on a shot. I have no problem with people wanting to take the vaccine when its available, but I have a few questions about the entire situation:

  • Will this be the only vaccine we need to take?
  • Will we have to be vaccinated every year as seen with the flu?
  • What side effects can we expect from the vaccine?

One side effect we have heard about thus far is the Forbes article about potential risk of HIV risk in some vaccines: Researchers Warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk Of HIV Infection.

This just one potential risk. Will there be others as time goes on?

Another concern is the potential for yet ANOTHER virus in the near future. Think about it: This year it’s covid. In previous years it was SAARs, Swine Flu, Ebola and H1N1. What other health issues can we expect?

There’s no guarantee this won’t be the only worldwide pandemic we encounter in the next 3-5 years. Will we end up needing another vaccine for that as well? We already are told to take a flu shot. Soon it may be a shot for the coronavirus. What’s next? How many shots will we end up taking every year?

This is what concerns me. Do we have to rely on a shot to protect us from all these viruses?

We are told constantly to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart. But is there anything else we can do? What about eating certain foods and getting vitamin D? Unfortunately, we don’t hear much about keeping the immune system strong, but that could be the key to beating this virus.

In other words, while I don’t plan on taking a vaccine, I’m doing other things to reduce my chances of getting sick, such as eating healthy foods, getting exercise, and consuming black seed oil and apple cider vinegar daily.

The immune system is the first line of defense against illness and disease. It’s critical we be PROactive instead of REactive when it comes to our health. Here’s a video on some of the most popular spices and their benefits.

Whether you get a vaccine or not, making your health a top priority is critical. Make an effort to eat healthy foods daily and limit intake of fast food, junk food and processed food. Get a good night’s sleep and aim for at least 15 minutes of exercise daily, preferably outside. This could be the difference between someone having minor symptoms or a major illness.

Starting today, make your health a top priority. Your body will thank you!

A strong mind and body are essential for good health. Get more tips in my books The 3 Pillars of Strength: Increasing Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fitness, and The Diet of Success: Healthy Eating Tips for Hard Working Professionals. Available on Amazon.

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