Are Small Businesses The Ultimate Christmas Gift?

Every year, we spend billions of dollars on Christmas gifts. We buy each other all types of things:

  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Electronics
  • Cars/trucks
  • etc.

This Christmas, instead of buying each other gifts that lose value, why don’t we we buy things that can make money and create generational wealth instead?

I came across an article where a father bought his daughter a vending machine:

Reco Oxendine, father who bought his daughter a vending machine

Read the amazing story Here.

On average, one vending machine can generate $7,000 in annual revenue. While that may not seem like much, what if a person has 10 vending machines? That could be $70,000 in annual sales from people buying microwave popcorn, Snickers, Doritos and Diet Coke.

Thanks to Covid, the world is changing. Many people are anxiously waiting for another stimulus check, but that release date is unknown. We must change our mindset. We must think of creative ways to generate multiple streams of income.

The average millionaire has 7 streams of income. Not 7 jobs, but seven ways to make money, with most of it being passive income. If we want to be successful going forward, we must change our mindset.

This type of talk is not discussed in school. It’s critical we keep an open mind and change as the world changes around us.

In addition to vending machines, why not consider buying the following as gifts:

  • Franchises
  • Precious metals (gold, silver)
  • Real estate

Learn more about vending machines HERE.

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Yes, getting a new PS5 or car is great, but that rental property or vending machine could be the gift that keeps giving for years to come.

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