What’s the BEST Diversified Investment Portfolio For 2021?

When you ask people about diversification, they often think of the stock market. Unfortunately, that is NOT the true definition of diversification.

Did you know stocks are just one type of asset, and even if you have several mutual funds, you are NOT truly diversified?

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If all your money is invested in the stock market, you simply have your money in just ONE type of asset, which is stocks and fiat currency. No matter if you have a growth mutual fund, a balanced fund or own a few individual stocks, all your money is tied to the stock market. This could be a problem if the stock market crashes, or if you’re retired and run out of money.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • If the stock market crashes how would it impact your portfolio?
  • If the market crashes, how much of your savings would be affected?
  • Would you lose all your money if the market crashes? if no, how much percentage wise?
  • How will you recoup what you lost?

The key to being diversified is accumulating assets in different sectors OUTSIDE of the stock market. A truly diversified portfolio will retain much of its value even if the stock market is down.

Top Ways to Diversify Your Portfolio

Contrary to what we are taught in school, the stock market isn’t the only way to build wealth. The following assets are the top ways to diversify your portfolio:

Rental property. Residential properties are an excellent way to generate monthly revenue and stay diversified. In addition to residential, commercial real estate is an option, such as laundromats, car washes or office space.

Franchises. When is the last time you bought fast food? Ordered takeout? The right franchise could generate monthly revenue for years. Having multiple franchises could be a great way to generate wealth, which again, is totally unrelated to the stock market. For more info on franchise opportunities, click HERE.

Precious metals. Gold and silver have been used as currency for thousands of years. Before 1971, the U.S. dollar was backed by gold. Today, it’s not backed by anything, making it a fiat currency. There’s a lot of controversy over the future of the dollar, and the Great Reset has become a hot topic. Learn more about it on a previous post HERE. Many see precious metals as an excellent way to protect wealth from inflation, a weak dollar and stock market fluctuations.

Both gold and silver are sold in a variety of forms (coins, bars, etc.) and are available in fractional ounces or grams. Metals can be purchased online HERE. Personally, I’m a big fan of gold and silver, and believe “stacking” is a great way to build (and preserve) wealth:

Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are outside of the current monetary system. Many are expecting bitcoin to go even higher in price, and maybe become a new primary currency in the future, replacing the dollar. No one knows what will happen, so time will tell. Bitcoin can be purchased HERE.

Vending machines. One well placed vending machine could generate $7k per year. The more vending machines a person has, the more money they could make. It’s possible to make $70,000 per year from 10 vending machines, selling Diet Coke, potato chips and candy. Other items can be sold in vending machines as well. These machines can be purchased outright, or leased. Click here for more info on vending machine leasing.

Online businesses. Every day, billions of people around the world are surfing the net, with billions more poised to have online access in the next few years. A monetized website, drop shipping company or other online business could be a tremendous money making asset, reaching millions of people around the world, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Having ads placed on your website or becoming an affiliate are great ways to turn your website into an asset.

Other assets. Can you create something? Sell a product? If so, that could be your personal asset. For example, I have 11 books, with 8 of them being Best Sellers. These are my assets. Create a product or service that is in demand and that can be your asset as well.

Putting It All Together

Building a well-diversified portfolio takes time. While there are other assets to invest in (like fine art), the key is to have a long term plan and slowly accumulate those assets. For example, precious metals can be purchased via dollar cost averaging. Rental property can be acquired one unit at a time. Another option is to sell liquidate assets (like gold) and use those proceeds to buy other assets (such as real estate).

While many people like the stock market, that’s just one piece of the investment puzzle. By learning about the various assets available, a person can be one step closer to reaching their financial goals. Start accumulating assets today. Your portfolio will thank you.

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