Planting Seeds: New Course Dates!

The school semester is almost over. Have your kids learned anything about business or entrepreneurship yet? This Winter Break, introduce our future to something they’ll never learn in school: how to start their own business! Register for this 60 minute virtual course today. Two dates available!

  • Saturday, December 19th @ 1 pm EST

Join us for a fun-filled lesson on entrepreneurship for kids! This virtual camp will be a great introduction into the world of business for kids from kindergarten to high school.

  • One 60 minute session
  • Grades K- high school
  • Live online instruction
  • Large format, interactive
  • Cost $15.00 
  • Next class: Saturday, April 10th

Register HERE!

Saturday, January 16th 3:00 pm EST

Join us as we introduce our youth to entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses in this 60 minute session!


Can’t make the next class? Pick up a copy of the book instead!

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