Setting Goals: Are You Ready for 2021?

As we approach 2021 it’s time to reflect:

  • What were your goals for 2020?
  • Did you meet or exceed those goals?
  • What do we want to accomplish in 2021?

For many of us, 2020 has been a very challenging year. Thanks to Covid, many of us saw our lives turned upside down. Some of us lost our jobs and were forced to stay home due to various government shutdowns. Sadly, others lost their lives.

This has been a year we have never experienced before, and hopefully, never will again. With that said, life goes on, and we must adapt to these changing times, or be left behind.

This is where our goals come into play.

No matter what happens, we must create goals for ourselves, and find ways to stay focused, even when times are tough and things look bleak. We must learn to become fluid, and go with the situations as they arise. With covid, many things were out of our control. Instead of letting them defeat us, we must become resilient and adapt to the changes thrown at us.

In the animal kingdom, animals are forced to evolve or they become extinct. What about you? Will you adapt or become obsolete in 2021?

It’s very possible 2021 will be as unpredictable as 2020. Whatever happens, we must stay patient, focused and optimistic. We must work to maintain our health, get adequate rest and keep stress in check. These are keys to achieving the success and reaching the goals we set for ourselves.

What do you want to do in 2020? Let’s make this year the best of our lives!

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