Getting The Covid Vaccine? Don’t Forget About Strengthening Your Immune System

Are you getting the covid vaccine? This is a serious debate right now, but one thing we ALL should agree on is good health should be our top priority. Whether we get the vaccine or not, it’s critical we do everything we can to keep our immune systems strong. This is where our diets come into play. Did you know the first line of defense against illness isn’t a shot or pill? It’s a healthy immune system.

Why Are You Sick?

When we get sick, the first reaction for most people is to take something to alleviate the symptoms:

  • Have a headache? Take an aspirin.
  • Upset stomach? Take something to soothe the stomach.
  • Back pain? Take a pain reliever.
  • Can’t sleep? Take a sleeping pill.
  • High blood pressure? Take blood pressure meds.
  • Diabetes? Take insulin.
  • Depressed? Take an antidepressant.
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While these may help in the short term, they don’t identify what caused you to get sick in the first place. By merely focusing on the symptom, we never get to the root cause of your health issue.

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

This is where a healthy diet comes into play. In some instances (not all of course) poor dietary habits may be the culprit. Many of the processed foods we eat today (in addition to the sugars, fast foods and artificial ingredients) can start a negative chain reactions in our bodies. Over time, they can cause weight gain, make our bodies too become acidic, or cause inflammation. Some may cause allergic reactions we aren’t aware of, or cause nutrient deficiencies. Did you know some nutrient deficiencies can have similar symptoms to various health issues?

For example, a vitamin D deficiency has been linked to frequent colds, fatigue and depression. It can also cause bone and back pain. How many people are taking medication for something that is caused by a vitamin D deficiency? A person may have no idea this is why they keep getting colds or have feelings of depression. This is the power of a healthy diet. Read more examples in a previous post here.

Many of our health issues may take years to develop. We don’t realize our years of eating foods that aren’t good for us are taking a toll until its too late.

It’s critical we don’t rely on a pill or shot to keep us healthy. This is where our diets come into play. The first line of defense against illness and disease is a healthy immune system. While none of us are guaranteed to never get sick, a healthy immune system may help lessen the severity of various health issues.

Getting the covid vaccine is your choice. There’s nothing wrong with getting the shot if you choose to. However, it’s critical you make eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle a top priority. That is the most important “vaccine!”

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