New Silver Pickup Today: Canadian Cougar and American Silver Eagle Coins!

Today I picked up two more silver coins: the one-ounce Canadian Cougar and one ounce American Eagle silver coin:

I REALLY enjoy buying gold and silver. It’s a fun way to collect things, and a great way to save money at the same time. As the world begins to shift to a digital currency, it’s critical we stay abreast of these events and be ready to adjust accordingly.

Having precious metals like gold and silver can be a great way to protect yourself from market fluctuations and the possibility of a collapsing dollar. Another popular investment these days are cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The key is to learn about these various investments before buying them.

If you like to buy things or just enjoy shopping, silver coins can be a great new hobby. There are many great coins to choose from. And they look pretty cool too!

Personally, I purchase precious metals from Money Metals. They have a great selection of precious metals and are very professional.

Silver Coins: Not Just Pretty To Look At

Silver (and gold) are money. They have ben used for thousands of years and universally accepted around the world. You can go literally anywhere in the world and exchange that coin or bar for the local currency. Another option is to use your silver to purchase other assets. So, instead of simply selling your silver to buy something with no value, use the proceeds for something just as valuable. For example, you can use your silver for a deposit on rental property or maybe a franchise or vending machines.

In other words, have a strategy!

Do you collect gold or silver? What are your favorites? As the world goes toward an uncertain future with our economy, it’s critical you stay prepared and protect yourself financially. A great way to do that is by investing in precious metals and/or cryptocurrency.

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