New Year, New Fast: Day 1 of My 5 Day Water Fast!

Anyone out there into fasting? Today I will embark on a 5 day water fast.

I have been fasting for several years, and believe this is the best thing I have ever done for my health. it clears my body AND my mind! I only eat 1-2 times per day, and can’t imagine going back to eating 5-6 times per day anymore.

Fasting has many amazing heath benefits. For those who haven’t fasted before, consider giving it a try.

What have your fasting experiences been like? let’s talk about it!

Our diets play a critical role in our overall health. I don’t just talk about healthy eating, I’m living it. Get more tips on fasting and healthy eating tips in my books The Diet For Success: Healthy Eating Tips For Hard Working Professionals and The Three Pillars of Strength: Increasing Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fitness. Both available on Amazon.

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