The Top Subjects Not Taught in School

Our school teachers deserve the utmost respect: they are assigned the task of teaching anywhere from 15-25 kids what they must know to get to the next grade. My mother was a school teacher in the Chicago Public School System for over 25 years, so I’ve seen first hand what our teachers go through.

While our teachers do what they can, they can only do so much. They aren’t able to teach our kids “everything.” There are many subjects that probably should be taught in school but are not. Two such subjects are entrepreneurship and Black History.

I believe our teachers are doing a great job, but they can only do so much. Unfortunately, many subjects are just not part of the school curriculum. This is not our teacher’s fault. This is where we as concerned adults must pick up the slack.

Personally, I believe our kids should be taught about business and entrepreneurship. Teaching them this information does not mean they will become business owners. Instead, it simply let’s them know this option is available to them if they are unable to find a job, or want to generate additional revenue.

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

History is another important topic. Ideally, our students should get more information about the many contributions made by people of all races, ages and nationalities. This could do much to improve race relations and feelings of unity among all its citizens. It could also instill a sense of pride, knowing someone who looked like them made such great contributions to our country.

It’s critical we make an effort to expose our kids to these subjects. This is why I created the Yes We Did Virtual Learning Center. Here at the center, we focus on topics not taught in school.

Pick up a copy of our books in the Yes We Did! series on Black History and on entrepreneurship for children today. Your kids will thank you!

Stay tuned for our interactive camps as well!

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