Real Food Vs Vitamins: The Top Reasons Food is Better Than Supplements

Which is better: vitamins or real food?

We are told to take multivitamins daily, but they can’t come close to the real thing. Here are the top reasons relying on supplements for good health is a mistake.

The key to good health is a strong immune system, and this is accomplished by eating healthy, nutritious foods. Pills and supplements can’t replicate the synergistic benefits of natural foods:

  • Apples. Help clean the teeth, high water content, high fiber.
  • Nuts. Great source of protein, high in fiber, filling.
  • Vitamin D. Fresh air, energizes, potential stress reliever.
  • Carrots. High in fiber, help clean the teeth, full of antioxidants.
  • Spinach. Lowers blood pressure, maintains blood sugar levels, great source of omega-3’s

As you look at this small sample of foods and going outside to get vitamin D, how many vitamins/supplements would you have to take to reap these same benefits? This barely touches the surface on the benefits of these foods making it even more important to go to the source to get your nutrients.

Man can only replicate what it knows. It is very possible there are still many benefits to our foods that man hasn’t discovered yet. As a result, getting nutrients from natural sources first is key.

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