Did You Know: The United States Owns The Most Gold in the World?

It’s not discussed in mainstream media, but did you know the United States owns more gold than any other country in the world?

Did you know gold was once ILLEGAL in the United States?

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Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why does the United States hold so much gold?

2. Why isn’t gold discussed in mainstream media?

3. How much gold do YOU own?

4. Why are countries like China Russia and Central Banks quietly purchasing more gold?

Watch this video on the amount of gold owned by the United States:

It isn’t discussed very often, but PHYSICAL GOLD may be something everyone needs to add to their investment portfolio. Here’s another important point: physical gold (and physical silver) can’t be tracked, unlike money spent via credit/debit cards and central bank digital currencies.

What do you think? Should people consider purchasing gold? This isn’t discussed in mainstream media, but its something we all must pay close attention to: The U.S. has more gold than any other country in the world. What will they do with it? if it’s good enough for them…

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