The United States, or the Divided States of America?

It seems that everyone is at each other’s throats. The divisions in the country are at a fever pitch. Think about it:

  • Black versus white
  • Citizens versus illegal immigrants
  • Rich versus poor
  • Democrats versus republicans

The list goes on. Can you guess what thhe latest division is?

Vaxxed versus unvaxxed.

Person Holding A Vaccine

There is ALWAYS a group being blamed for the problems in the United States. And the result is people are forced to pick a side. No middle ground, you are either for or against.

People who aren’t vaccinated are ruining the country and keeping people from living their best life with their selfishness. Does anyone see a pattern here? Is this done by design to keep people at each other’s throats while a hidden agenda is being done behind the scenes by the powers that be?

Why is there so much anger, division and animosity? Is this by accident, or is it by design? What do you think?

Can we overcome our differences and begin working together? What do you think?

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