What Are “Petrodollars?” New Course Sneak Peak! Success Principles 101: The Peak Performance Guide.

The recent events in Afghanistan has everyone scratching their heads. Why the abrupt withdrawal? What are the potential consequences of those actions?

One aspect that has not been discussed is its effect on the petrodollar system and ultimately, the U.S. and world economy.

Petrodollars are key to economic prosperity in the United States, but they are not discussed in mainstream media, and the educational system doesn’t educate people on the history of money or how it works. this is where the Yes We Did Virtual Learning Center comes into play.

Check out this preview of my NEW ONLINE COURSE: Success Principles 101: The Peak Performance Guide For Achieving Peak Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Financial Fitness. Each of these areas play a key role in our overall health and everyday lives.

This preview is part of the financial fitness section. Here we discuss the history of money, and the role of Petrodollars in our monetary system. . Do you know why the US is in the Middle East? it’s because of the petrodollar agreement and buying oil using US dollars ONLY:

Many of the most important lessons are NOT taught in school, and that’s especially true when it comes to our money. How many people knew this information? By understanding the history of money and how it works, a person can better prepare for economic uncertainties as they come our way.

See the course preview here.

In addition to petrodollars, this course also focuses on other key areas of financial fitness, such as different investment strategies and the importance of generating multiple streams of income. We also discuss ways to improve mental, spiritual and physical fitness as well. By working on each simultaneously, we can become the best we can be!

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