The U.S. is a Consumer Nation: Will This Be The Downfall of America?

There is a lot of talk about stocking up on supplies and keeping extra cases of water, canned goods and other items. All this is good, but there’s one thing we MUST address:

The FACT that the majority of items we use every day are SHIPPED from other countries MUST change.

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Let’s just say everyone has 6 months of supplies. At the end of 6 months, what happens if the shipments are stopped? What if prices are tripled on everything because the dollar collapsed? How would we survive?

Would we just become scavengers, traveling around, breaking into homes and businesses looking for food and supplies?

Would we end up like all the movies we see where society has devolved into chaos?

What good is it for me to have supplies when 5000 people storm my house and take my stuff because they have nothing?

That is absolutely unacceptable. We MUST start building factories and starting businesses so we can make those items here in the United States. We MUST stop relying on other countries to supply our basic needs.

BASIC NEEDS. People really need to let that sink in: America, the world leader is waiting on other nations to give us TOILET PAPER.

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Tell me y’all don’t have a problem with this?

We must learn how to be self-sustaining and self-sufficient as a nation.

I don’t know anyone who grows chickens. I don’t know anyone who grows tomatoes or herbs.

But go to the islands and you can find people like that in every town. They all work together to sustain their community. Why can’t we do the same thing here?

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While everyone is focused on vaccines and who is or isn’t vaxxed, we have other issues to think about.

What can we do to create more products here in America?

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