Unvaccinated Workers Are Losing Their Jobs. Now What?

Today, New York’s largest health provider fires 1,400 employees who refuse vaccine. All employees were required to be vaccinated by Sept. 27 regardless of whether they interacted with patients. It is unclear what jobs the employees who were terminated held. Read the full story HERE.

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In North Carolina, 175 were fired from a hospital system for failing to comply with vaccine mandate. Novant Health had said last week that approximately 375 of its 35,000-member workforce was noncompliant with the mandate, and those individuals were placed on a five-day, unpaid suspension. Read the article HERE.

All over the country, people are getting fired for refusing the vaccine. Many agree with the mandates TODAY, but what if there is a future mandate you DON’T agree with?

Ask yourself: what if the next mandate threatens YOUR job? For many, the choice is to do something you don’t agree with or lose your job.

How many people got the vaccine because they believed they had no choice? How many people would NOT get the vaccine of their jobs didn’t depend on it?

This is a difficult choice to make, but should it be?

Bigger Than The Mandates

Even though the focus of this article is the mandates and unvaccinated, it should be a wakeup call for all of us. No one is safe from losing a job.

Consider the following scenarios where a person could lose their job:

  • Layoffs
  • Fired
  • Disabled/incapacitated
  • Cancel culture
  • Age

It’s very possible a person will want to work, but can’t. Then what? More than ever, its critical we stop relying on one income for all our financial needs. It’s time we all start generating multiple streams of income, especially passive income.

Lack of Financial Education

Our schools don’t teach us about entrepreneurship or how to generate multiple streams of income, but it’s becoming more important than ever. Instead of being forced to do something you may not want to, give yourself options.

Many believe they were forced to get the vaccine because they had no other option: they need their job to pay the bills. But what if they knew they had the ability to start their own business? What if they knew about the ability to generate multiple streams of income and passive income?

How many people would involuntarily get the jab then?

Personally, I have no problem with the vaccine. if a person wants to get the vaccine, that’s their choice. But wanting to do something and having to do something are two different things.

The average millionaire has over 7 streams of income. Popular income streams include the following:

  • Rental property
  • Monetized websites
  • Vending machines
  • Published books
  • Dividends (stocks, bonds)
  • Bond interest
  • Online courses
  • Small businesses
  • Franchises
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Owning rental property is an excellent way to avoid mandatory vaccinations

The more types of passive income a person has, the better their odds of avoiding mandatory vaccines.

Call to Action

As said before, you may approve of the vaccine mandates today, but new mandates may be enacted in the future that you are uncomfortable with. If your job depends on you complying, what will you do? What options will you have?

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