Sanctions: Is the U.S. Weaponizing the Dollar?

On March 31, the United States is warning India against buying Russian oil:

NEW DELHI, March 31 (Reuters) – A significant increase in Russian oil imports by India could expose New Delhi to a “great risk” as the United States prepares to step up enforcement of sanctions against Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine, a senior U.S. administration official said.

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India buys discounted oil from Russia.
India buys discounted oil from Russia.

Is this a sign of strength, or is it a sign of desperation?

Let me say this post is NOT for or against what’s going on in Russia. That is for each person to decide on their own. This is looking at it from a monetary perspective.

Many believe the US is putting forth these threats because of fear:

Not only is India buying Russian oil, but so is China. These countries have over 1 BILLION citizens each:

  • India has 1.3 billion citizens.
  • China has 1.4 billion citizens

The United States has 330 million citizens.

What makes this important is both countries are buying Russian oil without using the U.S. dollar.

If this continues, other countries will start doing the same, which decreases the use of American dollars even more.

Trouble on the Horizon?

The US dollar is in serious jeopardy. The dollar could lose even more purchasing power, which could limit people’s ability to buy the things they need, like food and gas. Or pay their rent and electric bills.

There are several countries that not in favor of sanctioning Russia:

  • India
  • China
  • UAE
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

Other countries have anti-American sentiments as well.

The politicians can’t come out and say anything about the dollar losing purchasing power because if they did, it could cause widespread panic. Instead of saving their dollars, people would start “getting rid” of their dollars. They’d start buying things before they got too expensive.

Don’t let mainstream media fool you into thinking everything is OK. It’s NOT ok.

But instead of being fearful or looking for someone to blame, go on the offensive. Start doing the following:

Action Steps

1. Stock up on food and supplies. We are seeing supply shortages in practically everything. Buy them now while they are still available, and before the prices get too high. Stock up on food, water, medicines, and security. Don’t wait until people start panic buying to get the items you need.

2. If invested in the stock market, consider investing in stocks that generate dividends. These will (hopefully) weather the inflation storm and continue to make money. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

3. Start moving money outside the system. There’s a reason Putin linked the ruble to gold: gold has been around for 5000 years and has NEVER gone to zero. Gold and silver are REAL MONEY. Dollars are FAKE CURRENCY that will eventually become worthless. In addition to precious metals, consider getting some crypto like bitcoin. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Consider ordering gold and silver from Money Metals.

4. Become a producer. Start making your own money by generating multiple streams of income. Don’t rely on your one job to pay all your bills. The rich get richer because they own ASSETS that not only increase in value, but they also can generate revenue for them. What can you sell? (I have 11 books and online courses. Those books are assets). Get some assets.

Call to Action

After you analyze the situation, GET TO WORK. Take care of you and yours because NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU.

By the time mainstream media tells you what’s really going on, it’ll be too late to do anything. Start preparing now while you still have time. Now is the time to work on being the best you can be physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.

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