Planting Seeds: The Children’s Guide to Entrepreneurship (Free Download)


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Special thanks to Adrienne Horn, CEO of I A.M. Editing Ink for this great cover!

Our children will learn many things in school, but one thing that is NOT taught in grade school is entrepreneurship and how to start your own business.

This short, easy to read picture book is about planting seeds in kids ages 5 and up. The goal is to introduce them to ideas and concepts many of us didn’t learn until years later.

If kids can know the lyrics to Cardi B and Drake songs, they should know the definition of terms like “passive income” and “multiple streams of income” also!

Yes, they can be basketball players, but they can own the team too!

Let’s plant those seeds of business and entrepreneurship.


Download your free copy here: Why Be a Kidpreneur


Paperback and Online Courses Available!

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Also available in Spanish and French!

We also have an online course available on Udemy: Planting Seeds The Children’s Guide to Entrepreneurship online course.