World Health Organization: Are Covid Variants Making Vaccines Ineffective?

According to a recent announcement from the World Health Organization, the existing Covid-19 vaccines have showed reduced signs of efficacy against the Delta variant of coronavirus, which was first detected in India. How can we protect ourselves against covid?

Should Kids Be Taught Business and Entrepreneurship in School?

Many of life’s most important lessons are not taught in school. One such lesson is business and entrepreneurship. At an early age, most students are told to get good grades, and if they do, they increase their chances of landing a good job. While that is sound advice, that is not the only advice, or

Avoid the Distractions: Do These 3 Things

As the Covid-19 rages on, there is a lot of controversy on how it’s being handled: Some people want schools and businesses to reopen, others want them to stay closed. Which is plan is the right plan? On one hand, staying home might decrease the risk of spreading the virus. On the other hand, if

Covid-19: What They’re NOT Telling Us

Every day, we’re told about the increasing number of coronavirus cases, people fighting about having to wear masks, and social distancing. This is important information, but what about telling us ways to strengthen our immune system? Shouldn’t we hear about foods, lifestyle changes and other things we can do to help keep our bodies healthy