Is Your Medicine Making You Sick? The Top Medications and Their Surprising Side Effects

Is your medicine making you sick? Here are the most popular types of medications and their surprising side effects.

Will You Take the Coronavirus Vaccine?

We are now in the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Cities all over the world are shutting down AGAIN, and people are urged not to travel during the holidays. How do you feel about the vaccine and the virus? Do you plan on taking the vaccine when its available? Are there any potential dangers with the vaccine that we should be aware of?

“Are You Taking Any Meds?”

What do YOU consider medication? Did you know there are two types of medication? There are two types of medicine: modern medicine and traditional medicine: Modern meds focuses on treating the disease or injury. This often includes the medications they’d get from the doctor or drugstore: aspirin pain relievers antacids heart meds insulin antidepressants sleep