Laid Off AFTER Mandatory Vaccinations: Could It Happen To You?

Many employees are getting vaccinated because their jobs made it mandatory. That may prevent them from getting FIRED, but what about LAYOFFS? Is it ethical for companies to lay off employees shortly after requiring them to be vaccinated?

Coming in January 2021- New Class: Invest For Success!

I’m excited to announce the next course for the Yes We Did Virtual Learning Center! In 2021, we will launch Invest For Success: Winning Wealth Strategies Not Taught in School. As a former financial advisor, I learned first hand about the stock market and various investment products. After I left the financial services industry, I

Coronavirus Blues: A Valuable Learning Lesson

Thanks to the Quarantine, many people around the WORLD are unable to work and make money because their jobs told them to stay home. Kids are being kept home from school as well. What will people do? Play video games? Watch television? Meanwhile, many adults are home, nervously watching the stock market, and wondering how