What Are “Petrodollars?” New Course Sneak Peak! Success Principles 101: The Peak Performance Guide.

The recent events in #Afghanistan has everyone scratching their heads. Why the abrupt withdrawal? What are the potential consequences of those actions? Learn more about #petrodollars here. #economy

Good Times, Great Memories

Facebook brought up one of my best memories today: The day I won an award for Best Self Help Book! The Three Pillars of Strength: Increasing Your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Fitness was the first book I had ever written, and I’m EXTREMELY proud of the hard work I put into it. I wrote that

Success: Is It Really Attainable?

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you feel jealous or anxious when you see others achieve goals? Do you think people achieved success due to advantages you don’t have? Have you ever felt that someone else becoming successful prevented you from reaching your goals? To be honest, I have felt each of these at least

How “Fit” Are You?

How “fit” are you? Fitness is more than exercise and other types of physical fitness, there are other types of fitness as well: How MENTALLY fit are you? It doesn’t matter how fast or strong you are if you can’t handle adversity or have no self-confidence. How is your SPIRITUAL fitness? Do you treat people