Day 5 of My 5 Day Water Fast: Mission Accomplished!

Today is Day 5 of my 5 Day water fast! I made it! I will be breaking my fast with soup and crackers. It was a challenge, but I’m glad I did it. One aspect of fasting that doesn’t get discussed is the mental benefits of fasting. Here’s my update on the fast: Many of

Success! My 5 Day Fast Has Been Completed!

It wasn’t easy, but I completed my 5 day water fast! I’m very happy I completed it. Fasting is one of the best ways to heal ourselves and strengthen our bodies from the inside out. Here’s my video for Day 4: When it comes to our health. society focuses on two things: Treating the symptom

My 5 Day Water Fast!

So tomorrow I’m starting a 5 day water fast! Fasting is one of the BEST ways to cleanse and heal the body. It’s been used for thousands of years and is a great way to remove toxins and diseased cells via a method called AUTOPHAGY. Everyone should try fasting at least once in their lives!