Yes We Did VLC Sponsorship Opportunities

“It takes a village to raise a child.” African Proverb

Few great deeds are accomplished alone, and the Yes We Did Virtual Learning Center is no exception. Our mission is to let people of all ages know of the tremendous opportunities they have available to them. In an effort to reach the masses, we are now seeking enthusiastic companies and individuals to help us reach this goal as sponsors.

Unfortunately, many of life’s most important lessons (such as entrepreneurship and Black History) are not taught in school.¬† By providing these valuable lessons, The Yes We Did Virtual Learning Center can help motivate and inspire people to greatness!

We’d like to personally thank the following companies for sponsoring children to participate in the Black History and Child Entrepreneur camps: 106790680_715627652561731_8146103595589407532_n Moonglade Travel is a full service boutique travel consulting company focused on creating customized itineraries to meet your travel needs while providing superior customer service.

jloganJLogan Business Support Services is a virtual highly skilled company serving clients across the nation. We specialize in supporting businesses and solo entrepreneurs with their business management, social media marketing, content development, and virtual events management.  We also provide Executive & Life Coaching.

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Mahogany Productions. Great films have the power to enliven and inspire us; prompting discussion and action that brings individuals and communities together.” We at Mahogany Productions intend to ensure all our films strive to maintain this motto.

Learn more about each of our sponsors and the Yes We Did Virtual Learning Center here!

This is an excellent opportunity for those wanting to help, but don’t aren’t sure what to do or where to begin. Knowledge is power, and the gift of a lifetime. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Don’t hesitate to contact us!