The Official Yes We Did! Jigsaw Puzzles

Got puzzles? The quarantine caused by Covid-19 has forced millions of people around the world indoors. As many of us look for something to do, jigsaw puzzles have seen a resurgence in popularity. Read more about it HERE:


Check out the official Yes We Did! Jigsaw Puzzles!

These puzzles are the actual covers for the Yes We Did!  book series, featuring the art of David Sanders and written by Jeffrey White.



Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep the brain sharp, eliminate boredom, improve short term memory and relieve stress. Things we all could use in these challenging times. 

They are also fun for the entire family!


Order your official Yes We Did! Jigsaw Puzzles today. Available with or without frames. Each 285 piece, 12x 16.5 puzzle comes in a shrink wrapped box, mailed directly from the factory.

We have a great selection of jigsaw puzzles to choose from. Get yours today!




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